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& Holistic Counselling

Postgraduate Pathway



The IMTTA Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development is a prerequisite for all postgraduate courses.

Upon completion of the Certificate Level, you will be qualified to work as a professional meditation teacher and holistic counsellor if you wish to do so, while working through your post graduate courses to elevate your qualification.

All Post Graduate Courses can be taken as an individual unit, in addition to your Certificate Qualification or part of an upgrade to achieve your Diploma or Advanced Diploma or Masters Qualifications.

Please express your interest in your desired course and we can advise of the next training sessions.

DIPLOMA - Meditation Therapy & Holistic Counselling


   Program 1: Certificate Level

  • Certificate of Meditation Teaching

  • Certificate in Chair Yoga Instruction

  • Certificate in Holistic Counselling & Life Coaching


   Program 2: Diploma Level

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Autonomous Nervous System Realignment Therapy (ANSR)

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Brain Body Medicine

  • Plus two elective postgraduate certificate courses


ADVANCED DIPLOMA - Meditation Therapy & Holistic Counselling


​   Program 1: Certificate Level

​   Program 2: Diploma Level

   Program 3: Advanced Diploma Level

  • Four Postgraduate courses of your choice

   Postgraduate Course Electives:

   You will receive a formal Postgraduate Certificate for each of the following courses

  • Prenatal Meditation

  • Meditation for Children

  • Meditation for the Management of Pain & Chronic Healing

  • Meditation for the Managment of Depression & Anxiety

  • Meditation for Weight Management

  • Advanced Holistic Counselling

  • Corporate Stress Management

  • Meditation for Women and Mid-life Health & Wellbeing

  • Meditation for Men's Health & Wellbeing

  • Advanced Marketing & Business Development Skills

Our Postgraduate Training Courses can be taken separately as a stand alone courses if you wish at $440 per course (not including courses specific to Masters Postgraduate Pathway)



Level 1: Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development

Level 2: Certificate in Autonomic Nervous System Realignment Therapy (ANSR)

Level 3: Certificate in Brain Body Medicine

Level 4: Certificate in Advanced Holistic Counselling

Level 5: Certificate in Holistic Trauma & Abuse Counselling

Level 6: Certificate in Holistic Grief & Loss Counselling

Level 7: Certificate in Holistic Telephone Counselling

Level 8: Certificate in Holistic Marriage & Relationship Counselling

Level 9: Certificate in Corporate Stress Management

Level 10: Holistic Psychotherapy

Level 11: Masters in Holistic Counselling Thesis (8-week Research Project)


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