On completion of your training course, you will be offered a fully supported career path in partnership with the International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association (IMTTA).

Once you graduate from your Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development, you will be offered a full year of registration with the International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association (IMTTA) completely free!


IMTTA Practitioner Registration and Holistic Therapist Career Path

With most study courses your association with the training body ends when your training is completed. When you train with us, your journey continues through IMTTA where you will be assisted to set up and run your own Holistic Wellbeing Business.

Graduate Support Program Benefits:

When you complete your training course and register with the IMTTA Graduate Support Program, you will receive many valuable benefits that assist you in developing a successful career as a Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor. Some of these benefits are included in your Certificate in Meditation Teaching  and Holistic Human Development practitioner kit, which you will receive during module 10 of your certificate-level course. You can read what your practitioner kit contains below. Registration fees ( after your first FREE year) areas little as $95 for life!

If you do not wish to be registered in the IMTTA Graduates Support Program, you will still receive precisely the same training and your graduation certificates on successful completion of your study course. You will still be able to teach meditation and practise as a Holistic Counsellor and Chair Yoga instructor.

As a Registered IMTTA member, you have the distinct advantage of being part of something bigger than your own small business, but you retain all benefits and advantages of being self-employed. Please note:You will run your own business under your business name. While it is essential for the professional reputation and well being of every member ( as outlined in the Code of Ethics on the IMTTA website at ) you retain the freedom to run your business exactly as you choose.

The IMTTA Graduate Support Program Registration is not compulsory and can be cancelled at any time. Through your IMTTA Membership, you will be able to access the IMTTA Practitioner Support Dashboard, where your extensive Practitioner kit will be available for you online.

The IMTTA Practitioner kit contains the following:

  • Electronic templates for marketing materials that have been designed by our expert marketing team to make all of your print media advertising, flyers, brochures, posters and business cards professional, simple to use and effective - just add your logo and details.

  • Your guide book to setting up, marketing and running your own Holistic Wellbeing business.Class plans and electronic templates for all your lesson plans and student handouts for all the classes you will be qualified to teach. Including booking forms, disclaimer forms, handouts for your students and even certificates of completion for your students.

  • Electronic templates for a range of teaching aids including posters, PowerPoint presentations and booklets.

The IMTTA Practitioner Support Dashboard will provide you with:

  • Unlimited access to the IMTTA Business Mentor support program via telephone and email so that while you work for yourself, you never have to go it alone. You will be able to access support and advice in all matters relating to your business, be it small business management, teaching, coaching, dealing with difficult clients or just providing a sounding board, brainstorming partner and motivation when you need it.

  • Regular online training seminars to help you expand.Articles and videos on a variety of subjects to help you succeed in growing your own holistic well being business.

  • Newsletters. Free library and the college bookshop.

  • Live 'Practitioner only' Facebook page where you can connect with your peers.

  • You will also have the opportunity to participate in group advertising campaigns, expos and festivals to help promote your business in the most cost-effective way.

  • Listing on the IMTTA web directory to help guide prospective students and clients to your business.

  • Regular Practitioner Kit updates.


All the materials, information and ongoing support you will need to start and run your holistic well being practice, supplied digitally for your convenience, by the creators of your IMTTA training program, Isabelle Cunningham and Kerry Doolan.

Our training courses are IMTTA, IMTA, CMA , IICT HHAI IPHM accredited, and graduates can join all of these professional organisations.

Our graduates are recognised in their industry and can easily obtain practitioner insurance. The IMTTA will provide you with guidance in selecting the best insurance cover and company for you when the time arrives.

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